Club Jaguar - Preface

'- Marcus was destined by Fate again to leave Athens for Rome,
Gracchus would once more die a bloody death, Petronius would ever smile,
and a little owl and a faun shall watch over the golden boy from the sea....
and all shall be retold - time without end,
as the Sybil weaves her endless, magical spell....'
But Fate can sometimes change !
This is a story that begins in a fairly ordinary way - but as the plot develops some of the characters  are revealed to be more than they seem, and as time passes, the plot, as they say, 'thickens', and various strange, and some would consider unsavoury elements and themes emerge.

So... be warned, this tale turns out, eventually, to be a decidedly 'adult' story.
'A boy appears - seemingly out of nowhere - on a rainy night in an unnamed resort town - possibly somewhere in the US.
'Clipped' by a passing car, he is seemingly temporarily stunned, and manages to  crawl into the shelter of an alleyway running to one side of an opulent resort hotel/casino - the oddly named 'Jaguar Club'.
The boy is found by a patrolling security employee, who reports him to one of the managers.
Surprisingly the manager allows the boy to be taken into the hotel, where he is examined by the hotel Doctor.
The boy, it seems is not hurt - but he appears to be suffering from amnesia - which may be caused by concussion - but can also be the result of intense stress - or is the boy dissembling ?
And who is he, and where does he come from - and what was he doing in the middle of a busy thoroughfare in the early hours - in the rain - wearing next to nothing ?'
To answer some these questions, and to pursue the convoluted and disturbing plot, why not start at the beginning (if it is a beginning) and go to:

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